Health and Wellbeing Affirmations

Health and wellbeing affirmations 

All excess fat is melting away from my body 
Being beautiful is as simple as thinking beautiful thoughts towards people 
Daily exercise invigorates me and makes me feel great 
Eternal youth surges through my body 
Every day I develop new, positive, healthy habits 
Every day my body is replenished 
I acknowledge and accept my body’s perfection 
I always do what’s best for my body 
I am a beautiful, happy person 
I am changing my habits by changing my thought patterns 
I am cured and healed 
I am proud of my healthy lifestyle 
I am ready to do what it takes to be healthy 
I choose to feel fantastic about myself and how I look 
I easily overcome unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy habits 
I enjoy being fit and trim 
I fall asleep quickly and easily 
I feel so grateful for every day
I make healthy choices
I feel young and full of youthful energy and vitality 
I have thick, luxurious, healthy hair 
I have beautiful fresh breath 
I honour my body in every way possible 
I love breathing clean, fresh air and feeling calm and relaxed 
I love my body and my body naturally knows what to do to be healthy 
I only use food to satisfy legitimate hunger 
I radiate youthfulness and health 
My body achieves perfect balance and harmony 
My body has incredible healing powers 
My body is full of radiant health and youthful energy 
My body is growing younger and healthier
My body only wants healthy foods and only in the quantities it needs 
My body regenerates itself based on a perfect template
I am clean and healthy 
My digestive system efficiently absorbs all the nutrients I need 
My eyesight is perfect and my eyes are strong 
My healthy eating habits support my body’s desire to remain youthful 
My hearing is acute and finely attuned to quiet sounds 
My joints and muscles are relaxed, flexible and feel great
My life is dynamic, rewarding and fun 
My skin is supple, clear and radiant 
The cells in my body are returning to their original blueprint 
Today is one step closer to complete and total health 
Today, I only put healthy things in my body

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  1. Looking forward to receive aff mails. Thank You

  2. Simple and easy way to get a healthy lifestyle ??

  3. Pls send me da affirmations

  4. Affirmations have always helped me in achieving my goals in decided time period.

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