Healthy Life with Affirmation

Dear Friend, 

With all the anxiety and fear flying around about the virus outbreak, it feels like a good time to remind ourselves of our mental hygiene – Louise Hay style.

Of course it’s important to take precautions in order to avoid infection – but readers of this newsletter will know that fear won’t aid our wellbeing, and the scientific evidence around this is very robust. 

So, as we act sensibly, we also need to pay attention to the thoughts we’re thinking in our minds around the virus.

I hope you find the following affirmation from Louise helpful: 

Good health is my divine right.

I am open and receptive to all the healing energies in the universe.

I know that every cell in my body is intelligent and knows how to heal itself.

My body is always working toward perfect health.

I now release any and all impediments to my perfect healing.

I learn about nutrition and feed my body only wholesome food.

I watch my thinking and think only healthy thoughts.

I love my body.

I send love to each organ, bone, muscle and part of my body.

I flood the cells of my body with love.

I am grateful to my body for all the good health I have had in the past.

I accept healing and good health here and now. 

Divine Health

Divine Guard


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