Heart Touching Feedback

Dear Laila!

I need to share something with the Group in general and with you in particular!

For several years, I had been through what could be called the DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. I was in self-imposed social isolation and remained mostly confined to home, with little outward physical contact with people. I had been neglecting both my spiritual practices and also my body with detrimental results. The body had developed lot of challenges while there was little joy in the heart. I was spending most of my time on social media or in watching news or movies.

You constituted this Theta Download Group in the middle of May and after some preparatory work the Theta Downloads started. I must share that my soul has resonated with the power of the downloads and many beneficial changes have ensued. The wasteful activities that consumed most of my time just fell by the wayside. There arose a new sense of purpose; and, meditation and contemplation got integrated into my daily schedule.

Though I have still been spending a lot of time on the net, the purpose has been different. I have become involved with content that has deepened my understanding and perspective of not just what has befallen me personally but also what has been happening globally.

About a month or so ago, I gave a short talk at a webinar for a group of practitioners of PLR. They liked it so much that they invited me for a full-length webinar on elements of meditation. One friend, who watched these interactions, came up with the idea of me addressing weekly webinars on some or other topic of spiritual interest. Having lived in social isolation for so long, I was not very enthusiastic initially. But, after some thought, I thought we could give this a try.

The webinars (4 so far) have been a success. I end each webinar with a dharana (धारणा) or meditation. People have had fabulous experiences with these. As you are aware, we record the webinars and put them on my YouTube channel (Brahma Prakash Gaur).

In one webinar I gave a spiritual perspective about the pandemic. Many participants shared afterwards that the fear, which had gripped them, went down considerably.

Due to proximity to Guru Purnima, I had kept the last webinar on the Guru Principle. Our participants are a varied lot as they are students of many different Gurus or lineages. In this webinar, I had kept the meditation on the Guru. It was meditating upon the Guru by installing the Guru within the body and the mind. People had very intense experiences of their Gurus. Some, who hadn’t ever met them physically, had vivid visions of very intimate meetings with them.

One lady’s experience was nothing short of a miracle. She had been the disciple of a Guru, Jyotirmayanandaji, 25-30 years ago and had learnt Brahma Vidya from him. Jyotirmayanandaji left his body many years ago. But, she was quite loyal to him and was attached to his form. In the last few years, she had got introduced to pranic healing. But she was resistant to the idea of treating Grand Master Choa Kok Sui as her Master. She even had a mental argument with him in this regard about a year ago.

So, at the webinar, she installed Jyotirmayanandaji in various limbs of her body. At the end, one had to enter the cave of the heart for a private one on one with the Guru. At this stage, somehow, she began to feel unsettled from within.

And then something very strange happened. She had kept the mobile, though which she was connected to me via Zoom, on a chair in front of her. It automatically changed channels and started playing meditation instructions in the voice of Master Choa Kok Sui. The lady was jolted out of her absorption. She found this very disturbing and could not sit any more.

She was unable to stomach what had happened. So, once the webinar was over, she called me from Pune, where she lives. It did not take much time for me understand what had happened. I explained to her that Guru is the power of Grace; and, operates through many bodies. I also explained to her that in fact it was Jyotirmayanandaji, who was handing her over to Master Choa Kok Sui; that she had been resisting this change; and, therefore, the Guru Principle decided to give her this jolt. Surely, it was a miracle of Grace.

The lady’s doubts disappeared. But this was a great experience for me too. I realized that in its compassion, the Guru principle had considered me worthy of being one of the instruments for such a miraculous experience.

I am sharing all this to express my gratitude to you and to the Theta downloads, you have so generously given. These have lifted me out of the morass of the Dark night of the Soul. Also, the energy behind these downloads has put me in alignment with my soul calling of service to people through spontaneous sharing of my understanding and my love.

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

Bless you! Bless you!! Bless you!!!

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