Heart Touching Review of my New Book published today on my birthday 🌺

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“101 Gratitude Questions” is an invite to a journey of immense personal transformation from a teacher, who has helped thousands in manifold ways overcome various challenges. I have gone through a good bit it today itself.

A trainer-teacher of unique abilities, Laila has developed her resources from decades of committed inner-work. She distils this experience to develop practical tools, unfailing in their sweep in bringing betterment to her students, admirers, and readers.

Mind is our biggest aid in the journey of this life as it has the capacity to think; and is also very creative. However, the mind has no interest in helping us in the journey to soul mastery. So, it revels in sowing doubts and builds its narratives on what is not there. Due to these negative tendencies, our own mind is the biggest challenge to any aspirations we might have to reach our true potential.

The gratitude questions are skillful tools to turn the mind around and fill it with increasingly more positive content. This can persuade the mind to let go of its negative chatter and turn into a trusted friend. Laila’s questions are contemplative tools, designed to make this transition happen.

The outer world we experience is but a reflection of our inner world. As we change the content of the inner world the outer changes automatically. In recent months, I have been a beneficiary of this kind of turn-around. It happened while I was taking a program with Laila and was gently nudged into contemplating a Gratitude Question about serving others. 101 such questions is a sure shot to transformation.

Living with a positive thought allows us to see opportunities and openings, we never knew existed. I am sure, this book will serve its readers in ways they cannot even imagine.

Much Love,

B P Gaur

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