How and why to choose friends wisely?

Do you feel surrounded by people who don’t understand you? Does it seem as though you’re a fish out of water? Do you wonder where “kindred souls” can be found? 

No, you aren’t the ugly duckling, and there isn’t anything wrong with you—or anyone else for that matter. It’s just that as your soul grows and your spirit begins to claim its unique individuality, your personal vibration begins to change, and bonds break to those with whom you no longer resonate. 

This is a natural sign of your growth. It is stressful when relationships change, but change is inevitable with growth. Continue to love and accept yourself and others as the social landscape changes, and pray for kinship as you travel your soul’s path. It will show up.

Your Divine Energy is calling you to peacefully release attachments to those with whom resonance does not exist, freely and without guilt. Keep your heart and mind open. New uplifting friends will soon appear. 

This does not mean that you should break from all who do not agree with you. Listen and learn from those who, like you, seek to grow, and refrain from forcing harmony with those who are not open to growth. Now is not their time. 

Your Divine Invitation: Give time and energy to those who display an open heart and conscious awareness that mirrors your own commitment to growth. 

Be honest about the influences surrounding you, and step away from those others who don’t get you, or who hold you back—even if this means that you must temporarily stand alone. You’ll find the right people when you leave the wrong crowd.


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