How your Mind creates Unhappiness.

This is the original rider waite Tarot Cards….No Blood but at the end you see another similar card with Blood.

Ten of Swords

It’s always darkest before dawn

The Ten of Swords relates to the times in our lives when we feel at our lowest.

However, the positive aspect of this card is that it is often our perceptions which make these situations feel worse than they really are.

Thus this card speaks more of our beliefs that everything is going wrong or that life is on top of us, rather than the reality.

This message should of course be heartening.

😘 However, there are times when changing our perceptions and gaining a more realistic world view can in its own way represent a challenge.

Sometimes when life feels difficult and we are called to face its trials, we may tell ourselves and others that no matter how hard we try or how good we are, things always turn out bad.

Our stories about self-sacrifice or martyrdom can feel very nourishing.

But in our statements lies a hidden and subtle pay-off.

There is a bit in many of us that wants to be misunderstood, ignored or picked on because it gives us an excuse for not having to be braver or become stronger (“I did try and I failed so what’s the point?”).

Thereby we can bypass our fears of failure or success and avoid the legitimate suffering that accompanies real growth.

However, once we realize this we can once again face the challenges of life with renewed courage, in the knowledge that we are much stronger than we previously thought.

What One would you like?

Second is created with mind…..


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