I AM Divine Joy

What brings you joy? Perhaps joy for you involves giggling with a friend, swimming in the ocean, snuggling with your mom and dad or with a pet, or reading your favourite book.

It is important to welcome joy into your life each day. Being in a state of joy makes your heart light. It will bring you energy. Did you ever notice that when you feel joyful, you may want to sing or dance? Joy is often infectious and can bring a smile to the people around you!

Today, be a joy detective. Make a list throughout the day of things that bring you joy. It could be something very simple like baking cookies, laughing with a friend, smelling the air after a rain, watching a funny movie, or singing in the shower. Use your list to include some joyful activities in your life each day.

It is also important to share your joy with others. Who will you share your joy with today? Does someone in your life bring you a lot of joy? Take a moment to express your gratitude to them for bringing joy and happiness into your life.

Today, be Divine Joy.


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