I am Divine Mind

The Divine Mind has been called “Christ Consciousness,” “The Supreme Intelligence,” etc.

I think of it as a collective consciousness that includes all levels of higher consciousness such as Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, and Great Spirit.

We are all born of this Creative Intelligence and therefore it is part of our very being. We are literally “swimming” in it each moment of our lives. The Divine Mind lives in every cell of our being, in every molecule of the air we breathe.

We have continuous access to the highest form of consciousness. It is only through our ego state that we lose our connection to this powerful matrix of intelligence.

When I acknowledge that “I Am Divine Mind,”

I claim my birthright, my inheritance. Divine Mind is there to support you in any endeavor you undertake whether you are looking for a solution to a nagging problem, or involved in a highly creative endeavor.

Call on Divine Mind to bring to light whatever you need to know in this situation. Think of all the greatest minds gathered together to collaborate on your “question.”

What an amazing resource we all possess. We are only asked to “plug” into the Source.

Discover the power today. Ask Divine Mind to assist you with any problem or question you may hold today.

Exercise : Focus on a problem and then invoke Divine Mind by repeating 
I AM Divine Mind 
For several minutes and later open your journal and start writing your thoughts…let it flow and share what solution was granted to you by your Divine Mind.

In 30 days you will be independent and free to create your life with Ease and Grace. 

Join us and transform your life.


I am Divine Mind


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