while the healing navigates

the map my heart and mind makes

it’s the radiating rhythm

of vibration and stillness

that now allows me

to receive what hides

and translate all there is to see

this journey to knowing

deep in my essence

that i am loved

no matter what i do or don’t do

even if i don’t do anything i will be loved

but to believe, i needed courage

i found it in my body

my body

a treasure chest

its cellular secrets under lock and key

until the moment they were ready to be freed

knowing my worth

is inside of me,

it can’t be given

or taken away

my power is very confusing

and although my legs just want to run

i can feel my feet begin to find their roots

sourcing safety for my strength

the thaw begins like this

after being frozen in place

for so long

waves of flame and prayer

release me

finally locating the passage

from my heart

revealing the way to healing

and so in the softening

i learn that love

presents in many forms

my thoughts

my own

for the first time

and as pieces of me

return or arrive

desire alone senses

the rise and fall

of what’s alive



stripped of all

i once defined

myself by

it takes only a moment

to notice

i have always been


i have always been


Thank you Nancy 🙏

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