Illusion into Truth

Understanding of Bat

See through illusion into truth.


Bats originate from another universe and step down through Sirius, where they hone their knowledge about sonics and echo location to fit in with the atmospherics and energy of earth.

Archangel Michael helps them develop their throat chakras to use these skills to navigate and demonstrate how to do things differently.

Through their advanced throat centres, they link us into the planet Mercury and its ascended aspect, Telephony, the broadcasting station of our universe.

These highly evolved beings hold much cosmic wisdom as well as divine feminine secrets, and their soul mission is to disseminate it on Earth.

They remind us that it is possible for mammals to fly.

They are also learning and teaching about sharing responsibility within a community and birthing and caring for babies. This is helping to develop their heart centres in their quest to become fully fifth-dimensional. 

Bats are highly sensitive to their surroundings and they work very closely with Archangel Dorenka.

Intuitive Guidance

Seeing Bats suggests you open your heart and pour love into caring for and nurturing those close to you.

When you raise the frequency of your heart centre, it enables your throat chakra to expand too.

So focus on communicating with love and integrity.

Then ask Archangel Michael to help you develop telepathy and your other psychic abilities.

Tune in to the bats to download your highest potential and perhaps even the spiritual technology of the future.

Your guidance is also to look at the world with fresh eyes.

Perceive everything with wisdom.

Listen to your intuition to discover the reasons beyond the obvious.

Expand your life and remember there is always a new way to do things.


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