Important of 1111

Today’s Date is 11-11-2018

When you add 2+1+8 =11


Significance of number 1111

God is Taking a Snapshot of your thoughts so it’s important to be clear in your thoughts as a reality is created based on our thoughts.

So today lets be Clear.

The meditation shall help you to attract clarity by saying

I AM Clear…..I Am clear on who I AM…I Am clear on What I want and I Am clear on where I AM headed.

I AM clear on the influences in my Life.

I AM Clear.

Do listen to the meditation it’s only 8 mins but due to some error on you tube it shows more.

Divine Clear

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  1. A wonderful meditation dear Laila. It helped me to clearly set my goals for myself and my loved ones.
    Thank you thank you thank you
    Divine cleat Divine clear Divine clear

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