Inner Voice



Kin Essence – Alone time allows for personal growth and inner peace

Recognised historically as the cunning villain of the animal kingdom, the fox will do whatever it takes to have its needs met. Living and hunting mostly in solitude, foxes get crafty when it comes to finding food sources and remaining undetected.

Foxes possess extraordinary hearing skills and invite us to open up and truly listen to what is happening around us. We are guided to listen to our inner wisdom, tune into our intuition for advice, and listen to the true nature of our life’s happenings, therefore uncovering the need to shed unnecessary stories, resentments, and beliefs.

Foxes remind us of our need for solitude, retreat, hiding, and to often focus purely on ourselves in order to restore, recharge, and get back into our own power. According to folklore, the fox is an intelligent being said to possess magical abilities that increase with age. You can see that often the most intriguing and antisocial types are actually the most powerful.

As cheeky as a fox can be, it is also inspiring to see just how much they can achieve as an individual, whereas a lot of other wild dog and cat species rely heavily on their pack for survival. The fox teaches us just how much we can do on our own and that we don’t need to call on others to help us to live a fulfilling life

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