Intuition and Abundance 

Intuition &Abundance

What do I need to know which will give me the best chance of success in my business venture?

Intuition asks us to take note of the negative thoughts about ourselves that we may have played over and over in our heads for many years like a stuck tape, and to see where these thoughts have taken us. 
You may realize that the reality you’ve created today started life as a picture or idea envisaged in your mind many years ago. 

For instance, if you have always believed wealth and success are not for you; or that you don’t deserve to be loved, then this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Yet your Intuition says you are just as worthy and capable of good things as anyone else, so it is important to catch any self-limiting thoughts and try to make them self-affirming from now on. 
Intuition predicts that you can have security and stability in all aspects of your life as long as you commit to calmly recognizing when these limiting thoughts are there, and then taking the decision to play a different tape of your choosing.

Intuition & Abundance

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