Intuition ~ Inner Voice

I come here today to tell you that I am effective within you.

Maybe you have the image of yourself that I only act quietly in secrecy. But this is a misbelief.

I not only act in secrecy but also powerful and strong. I have got various dresses and numerous possibilities to perform in order to be remembered.

Often I appear in the exterior through the power and the message of another person.

Often I appear in secrecy, quietly and silently like the surf of the sea or the gargling of the river.

But I am always there for you. I am effective in order to remind you that you always have the possibility to connect with me, to be guided through my power, whenever you are ready to surrender.

I am the power of guidance. I am the power of the next step. I am the power that acts in secrecy, quietly and gently and often very powerful and strong in the exterior. Be ready to open up, then I am there for you.

Divine Intuition

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