Joy Joy Joy

Joy is Expansive ~ meant to be shared from the Heart.

One of my client told me she had no joy in her life.

She allowed joy-stealers ( anger, jealousy, comparing, negative self-talk, anxiety, bad relationships, family, friends, and focusing on lack ) to  suffocate her joy.

During our therapy she realized she’d numbed herself to joyful moments and had blinders that kept her from seeing joy around her.

What is joy?

Joy is an internal emotion and exists through hardships and the most horrific experiences. Joy is your soul foundation, it connects you to your source, and it helps you appreciate the constants in your life (family, nature, freedom, your body, etc.).

Recapturing your joy

If you’re having a hard time feeling your joy, or simply want to have more joyous moments, start focusing on the positives in your life instead of the negatives.

Begin each day with a mindset of gratitude, and use these Zibuand joy affirmations to inspire you to live a joy filled life.

Joy in my Heart and in my Life.

I spread Joy to everyone I meet.

My Natural state is Joyfulness.

I Execute Daily Task with Joy.

Divine Joy


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  1. Beautiful!! Divine Joy ???

  2. When I Feel Joy and I Radiat that Joy and Spread Joy…!!!

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