Keep your Commitment


Be mindful of the commitments you make, implied or otherwise, and avoid agreements you are unable to see through. Keep your promises and honor your word in all situations. Respect yourself and others with what you say and how you say it. Be clear, gentle, and speak with intention and integrity. Your ego may distort your view and lead you away from authentic communication, so beware. Your reputation can either be established or lost at this time.

Your Divine Energy is guiding you to remain in alignment with your highest self and protect your reputation at all costs. Your Divine Energy is calling you to embody integrity and humility in your communication and in your intentions. Embrace and respect your spiritual responsibilities and be fair in your dealings with others. 

Your Divine Invitation: Rein in your ego and listen to your spirit. Be calm and available to the deepest guidance from within. You are in a place of great influence and will either earn or lose the respect of others, depending on your intentions and how they are expressed. All is obvious. 

Keep your promises and fulfill your obligations. Make no excuses. Simply put, be a person others are fully able to trust.

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