Know Your Angels

Know your angels

Archangel Michael

“I am the Angel of Protection. I can aid you with feeling and knowing you are protected and safe at all times. I offer you my sword of light which can cut through anything out of integrity. I can free you from feelings of fear and despair. Call upon my blue cloak of protection anytime you feel threatened or before you go to sleep. Ask me to enter your dreams and I will give you loving spiritual guidance to you on your path.”

Archangel Raphael

” I am the Angel of Healing. My aura is a green light. I assist anyone who calls upon me. In oder to fully heal you require to truly surrender to the healing light of the divine. Any situation can heal if you allow your soul to free itself from ego pain. Surround yourself in love, be love and love thy self truly and deeply.”

Archangel Chamuel

“I am the Angel of relationships and the heart chakra. I can aid you in building strong relationships and careers. call upon me for divine guidance if things are not working for you. I can smooth your path and bring peace into any area of pain. Allow me to infuse your heart with love. Through love you heal all. Through letting go of your driver of the mind you become fully immersed in the heart energy of this time”

Archangel Uriel

” I am the Angel of the Earth. My female counterpart Angel Auriel. Together we are illuminators and prophets. Call upon me or Auriel to aid you in your life purpose. Hold trust that your calls are heard and look out for the illuminating solution. Call upon me to assist in your Earth Healing work sand to receive guidance on your life mission.”

Archangel Metatron

“I am known as the Angel of Ascension. I am aiding lightworkers and Walkin souls as this time, as well as the new children. Call upon me to aid with spiritual understanding, conscious awakening, increased psychic power and raising your energy vibration. I also assist parents of the new light children (the Indigos, crystal, rainbow, star and petal children) to aid them in their education and life purposes work and accessing their akashic record knowledge.”

Archangel Zadkiel

“I am known as the Angel of transformation and transmutation. I work with the Violet Flame energy to lear our negativity and to bring in divine light to all situations. By transmuting and releasing lower energy you free yourself to be out of ego drama and radiating your higher light. Allow yourself to surrender any difficulties you are facing over to the Angelic realm. We will bring through compassionate healing light at all times. Ther by freely you at any constraint.”

Archangel Tzaphkiel

“I am known as the Cosmic Mother. I hold the energy of the womb of all creation. I represent the sacred divine feminine energy and I aid spiritual growth, wisdom and understanding. Call upon me to feel loved, to connect to the female aspect of self (of which both sex have) and to heal any mothering issues. Let me surround you in my sacred light. Feel my presence as a comfort like a warm blanket and know you are honoured and loved”

Archangel Gabriel

“I am known famously for my delivery of sacred news of imminent arrivals. I am here to assist souls in trust and hope. I aid in transforming despair and increasing self worth. Call upon me to unleash your creative spirit. Allow me to help you see the external beauty and grace in all.”

Archangel Sandalphon – His main role is to deliver messages and prayers direct to God.

“Angels are all around you, everyday and always have been. However, now at this time on earth more angels are flocking down to be of assistance to one and all. All that is required for you, as humans, to do is to allow us into your lives.

Believe that angels are always near and just waiting for your call and the request for their assistance.

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