Laugh at your Demons


Are you judging yourself or another too harshly? Have you temporarily lost your sense of humor? Are you afraid of being rejected or misunderstood, thus leading you to reject and misunderstand those around you? The truth is there is no “bad guy” on the scene. Be aware not to misread the situation or take yourself too seriously at the moment. Now is the time to gain perspective and see the humor in what is temporarily causing you distress. No one is trying to hurt you. Relax and breathe. See things from others’ points of view. This will bring about understanding.

Your Divine Energy is calling you to restrain your critical ego and return to the love of your Higher Self. Lighten up and see the humor in the present situation. Relax and laugh a little. It will shed light on the moment and open the way for healing and progress. 

Your Divine Invitation: Break free of the psychic bondage that arises from your overly judgmental ego. Feel the low quality of vibration that such doom, gloom, and harshness brings about. Ease up on yourself— and others. Nothing is that permanent. 

As sensitive or insecure as you feel at the moment, know that you are a beautiful soul. You are loved now and always. Trust that your Higher Self will guide you back to a more confident and secure place in no time. You will find relief by regaining your sense of humor. Bless this present mess, and trust that all will soon straighten out. As you laugh, be certain that it will.

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