Let’s be Like A Tree 

Want to be inspired by trees?

Well, like a tree:
1. You are unique, so dare to be different, and stand tall.

2. You have the strength to weather life’s storms and stand strong.

3. Know when to drop and let go of all that is no longer essential.

4. Stay rooted in your values and root for everyone.

5. Your presence refreshes others and provides support.

6. Just keep growing, no matter what.

Tree Loves Everyone and so while approaching Last month of 2016, let’s be like a tree.

This year my Purpose was Tree of Life…

Let’s understand what’s a Tree.

Tress are hit by stones sometimes but still they give their fruits and serve others, they give Shades in Heat and Sunlight, they take away our toxins and rejuvenates us, they take away our carbon dioxide and give us oxygen….

Can we serve like Tree…growing stronger and grounded so that we operate with Love instead of Ego.

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