Light Within ?

Whether we know it or not, and whether we choose to accept it or not, 

we each are a light to the rest of the world. 

There is a light filled with love, compassion, understanding, empathy, courage, faith, and so much more, that is within each of us, ready to shine brightly as a beacon for others in this world–a beacon to offer some of our own light to help them find theirs. 

But we have to realize it is there; and we have to add fuel to it to keep it burning brightly; and then we have to make use of it–illuminating the darkened paths before ourselves and those around us. 
If we hide our light out of fear of being different, or fear of being made fun of, or fear of change, 

we are doing the world a disservice–no one benefits by me being “small.” 

And if I only shine dimly–for the same reasons or because I feel insignificant in comparison to those whose light is easy to see–I risk mediocrity. 
We can each have a visible impact in the lives of others if we allow ourselves to be just who we are. 

Our ideas are valuable, our insights can help others, and our presence can make others feel secure enough to step out of the darkness and shine brightly for all to see. 
Life is journey–a search for self-fulfillment. And if we let our light shine before us, and for others to see, the journey will be much easier than travelling in the dark. 

Have courage; shine your light for all to see. 

And when they see your courage–when they see your light shining brightly before them–their hearts will come aglow, for you will have lit a spark within them as well. 
 Let your “light” shine brightly 

Divine Light 


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