Listen to Your Inner Voice

The High Priestess

Patience is a virtue

If the High Priestess could speak she would probably say something like

“People are always trying to do so much these days. We are not human ‘doings’ but human ‘beings’!”

Yet she doesn’t speak, she only listens.

She is a woman of God who sits in silence and contemplation.

She seeks understanding and looks for the greater meaning behind everything.

The card reminds us that there are times when it is better not to act, but instead observe and only make a move when we really know what’s going on.

If we preoccupy ourselves only with activity and fill our lives with things to do, we risk missing out on the deeper aspects of our life and hearing the call which tells us who we really are and why we’re here.


Another way of understanding…

The High Priestess 

Archangel Haniel

You drew this card because the answers you seek lie in your feelings and emotions.

Trust your intuition and the power of your natural psychic abilities!

Also, pay attention to your dreams and any intuitive messages you receive, as theyโ€™re accurately guiding you.

Thereโ€™s no need to race into action right now, however.

Instead, take time to gain more insight, since things may not be as they appear on the surface.

Withdraw from the noise of daily life and ask for guidance from your angels and guides.

Everything you need to know will be revealed to you in time; just have patience.

Additional meanings of this card:

Silence is golden.

Study spiritual topics.

Keep your dreams and desires to yourself.

Learn from emotional situations.

Archangel Haniel is the goddess-like angel of grace and feminine spirituality (such as intuition and clairvoyance).

Like a true high priestess, Haniel will act as your spiritual teacher and advisor to aid you in discerning which feelings and ideas to follow as trustworthy guidance.

Call upon Haniel to increase your clarity in connecting with the angels.


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