Love can be felt if not heard 😘

A beautiful story I thought I must share with all of you


At a school’s parent meeting, the principal highlighted the support parents should give their children.

She understood that although most of the parents in the community were workers, they had to find some time to spend and spend with the children.

However, the principal was surprised when one of the parents got up and explained that he did not have time to talk to his son during the week.

When he left for work it was very early and his son was still sleeping and when he returned from work it was very late and the boy was already lying down.

He also explained that he had to work that way to provide for the family’s livelihood.

He also said that not having time for his son distressed him a lot and tried to replace that fault by giving him a kiss every night when he arrived at his house and so that his son knew that he had gone to see him while he slept, he made a knot in the tip of the sheet.

When my son wakes up and sees the knot, he knows that his dad has been there and has kissed him. The knot is the medium of communication between us.

The principal was moved by that unique story and was even more surprised when she found that the son of that man was one of the best students in the school.

This fact makes us reflect on the many ways in which people can be present and communicate with others.

That father found his form, a simple but efficient way. And the most important thing is that his son perceived through the knot, all his father’s affection.

Sometimes we worry so much about the way we say the things we forget, the main thing is communication through feeling.

Simple details such as a kiss and a knot on the tip of a sheet, meant for that son, much more than a lot of empty gifts or apologies.

It is valid that we care about people, but the most important thing is that they know and can feel our concern and affection for them.

For communication to exist, it is necessary for people to β€œlisten” to the language of our heart, since feelings always speak louder than words.

It is for this reason that a kiss, covered with the purest affection, cures the headache, the blow of the knee or the fear of the dark.

Children may not understand the meaning of many words, but they know how to distinguish a gesture of affection and love, even if that gesture is only a knot in the sheet. A knot full of affection, tenderness and love.

*β€œLive in such a way that when your children think of justice, love and integrity……*

*They think of you”*

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