Love Unconditionally 

Do you wish to achieve your life meaning???

If we wish to provide meaning in our lives, 
then we must learn to love and to love unconditionally. 

Only then can we truly feel the sense of completion that is already within ourselves, 

but that we may keep repressed under the layers of fear, control, and feelings of inadequacy.

 Here is a secret to life: 

when we learn to love unconditionally, 

we no longer need to fear, 

and we no longer need to protect ourselves. 

And once we open the gates of the dams we have built to hold back our love, 

our lives will begin to shift and to change and our love will surround us and pour forth to fill the valleys of sadness in the world. 

If I limit the love I give to just one or two, it will eventually go stale.

If I learn to create love inside my heart and silently give it to everyone I meet, love will grace every corner of my life.

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