Memory Affirmation

Memory Affirmation

Any information I need to recall comes effortlessly to me 
I always feel inspired to write great assignments 
I always find the knowledge I need when I need it 
I always hand my assignments and homework in on time
I always present logical arguments and concrete analysis in my coursework 
I always remember what I hear and read 
I am calm, relaxed and 100% focused in exams 
I am confident I know my subject 
I am developing a strong mind 
I am grateful for my excellent memory 
I am top of the class in [subject] 
I am very productive every time I study 
I can concentrate for as long as I want to 
I concentrate easily 
I deeply understand questions and tasks immediately and respond with perfect answers and solutions 
I enjoy finishing tasks and achieving goals 
I enjoy getting smarter 
I feel creative, motivated and focused at school
I feel empowered when I learn something new 
I have a clear mind with razor-sharp thinking 
I have a photographic memory with unlimited storage 
I have an amazing memory that remembers and recalls everything 
I see, hear and experience 
I have an incredible memory 
I have awesome goals that I know will come true when I’m successful at studying 
I have perfect access to my past experiences and knowledge 
I have willpower and dedication 
I love learning new facts 
I remain focused for long periods of time 
I remember to write important facts down
I trust my memory to provide all the information I require 
I use all my senses to help me memorise and recall information easily 
Learning [subject] is easy and fun 
My brain develops positive connections and understands new knowledge rapidly
My brain loves new information 
My memory for facts and figures is excellent 
My memory improves every day 
My mind perfectly stores everything I read 
My mind processes information quickly
My reports and assignments are clearly written and logically presented. 
I find writing them is easy 
My teachers are supportive 
Perfect memory, perfect recall 
The more I use my memory the better it gets
Divine care

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