Moth Spirit 🥰

Moth Spirit ~“Surrender now.”

Moth Spirit asks, what is guiding you right now?

Are you in alignment with Spirit or pursuing something or someone with so much tenacity that it has become a compulsion or addiction?

Are you so intoxicated by a potential relationship or opportunity that you can’t think straight?

Hard work and dedication are virtues, and love of course is a beautiful thing.

However, when Moth Spirit appears, it is time to consider if you have gone over the edge in a relentless pursuit.

Workaholism, overeating, perfectionism, or addiction to certainty or even to a person may be your current vice.

The form of your addiction does not matter so much as awareness of the consequences of remaining persistent when moderation is needed.

Let go of your excessive energy by channeling it in more than one direction.

The fire burns hot, and you do not want to be engulfed by your passion to the exclusion of all the other pursuits that matter to you.

Now is a time for surrender and radical acceptance so that your drive does not cause you to flee or to fight.

Spirit wants you to release your need for certainty and control so that you can relax into a more balanced way of using your Moth Spirit energy.

Banish the “shoulds” and “musts” so that you can enjoy what is as you allow for what might be.

Protection Message:

Moth Spirit can be intense, and honesty about your own compulsive tendencies is needed right now.

It is too easy to switch from one addiction to another, distracting yourself from the discomfort of uncertainty and the thoughts and emotions that arise when you aren’t single-mindedly pursuing a goal.

Moth Spirit calls to you to practice moderation in all things and recognize when think you are headed toward the light but are really heading into a fire that will cause burnout.

Why are you so resistant to letting up?

Could you be avoiding difficult emotions you need to feel and release?

Now is a time to do a fearless inventory so that your addictive tendencies can be toned down and rechanneled into enthusiastic activity in moderation.

You are not a machine; listen to Moth Spirit’s message that a change is needed to support your well-being.

Maybe, deep down, you know you have become too attached to something and someone.

Let go of your need to control the outcome and allow yourself to remember the many ways you want to channel your energy—to relationships, to work, to giving to others, to self-care, and to all the other pursuits you value.

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