Move Forward with Faith One step at a time 🥰

After seeing my latest YouTube video the response I received 👇

With my infant daughter in the back seat, I was driving home.

In an unfamiliar part of town, I felt a bit tense driving; it was dark and rain started to fall.

I felt myself tense up behind the wheel. Then, as the fat raindrops began pelting the car in sheets, I fought back tears.

Despite the wipers waltzing at full setting, screeching across the windshield, head lights on high beam, and my reduced rate of speed, I could not see the road ahead.

I prayed and prayed and prayed, “Please angels, stop the rain. I want to see the road ahead.” And immediately I remembered you and your guidance about drive and seeing the road….

I hunched further forward and held my breath.

Then, I felt the soft presence of my angels, “Breathe, please. Look ahead, drop your shoulders. You can see what is right ahead of you, yes?”

I looked over the steering wheel. I could see at least ten feet in front of me. 

“Yes, but I want to see more. I want to see both sides, I want to see more. I want to see all I can see,” I protested. I thought that to progress, I needed to see more.

Suddenly I heard you say, “You see what is ahead of you. Move forward. With each step, you see the next step. Then the next. This trip is not about the destination; you might have to reroute. This is about taking a journey, being guided step by step, mile by mile; learning how to trust,”.

I became quiet and became aware that my daughter was sleeping peacefully in the backseat.

I breathed. And, as the yards and miles passed, I realized that I could always see what I needed to see. Always.

The rain continued to pound, but my heard was no longer frantically beating. I listened to the rhythm of the drops, the sounds of the moist notes on the windshield and roof. I breathed again and looked ahead. I could clearly see just in front of me.

Exactly what I needed to see and as you stated

I learned that night how to trust. I began to understand that I didn’t have to have control, and that sometimes one step at a time is exactly enough. I didn’t need to have a full scale, sweeping panoramic view to keep progressing toward my outcome.

Clarity is a moment by moment experience. We can never really clearly see too far ahead, nor can we always sharply picture what is so far behind us. Clarity is bringing the moment at hand into our vision so that we can choose what Love guides us to do.

Laila dear Keep up the good work. You are loved! 🙏

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