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This is my Personality…….are you like me 😘😘😘

Love is Truth, Fear is illusion…

The Queen of Cups represents a person filled with love.

She embodies an all-encompassing, never-wavering compassion for all human beings, feeling empathy towards them, with a deep concern and understanding for the roots of any problems they may have.

She is someone who would react to someone’s hatred by seeing the holiness of that person – the beauty and truth behind their pain and suffering.

Anything else would be an illusion for her.

Animosity can dissipate when confronted by such a strength of love, as negativity is unable to breed when it is not being fed.

The card represents not just a loving person, but also the environment of unconditional support and regard, which we all need in order to grow.

It is difficult in competitive environments, where we may be encouraged to outdo one another, to feel close to our humanity and to love others in the way we would like to be loved ourselves.

The world and all its inhabitants need this loving atmosphere.

Essentially, the card reminds us that this nurturing backdrop to life is one we should all be trying to attain, in order that we can live with mutual respect and harmony.

This love, however, cannot be demanded from others, but needs to start from within each one of us.

Divine Love


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