Only Love is Real 😍

This is an answer to my question to Divine….since few days only Money stuck therapies are coming and all have the belief that someone has blocked their inflow and here I get my answer from the book ‘Course in Miracle’



In the spiritual world only love is real, and nothing else exist.

While the appearance of the third dimensional world would deceive me into the false belief that there are powers more powerful than the will of God, infact only love is the kingdom, the power and the glory.

The world has trained me to believe in the illusions of Fear and Seperation, and to disbelieve in the truth that lies beyond them.

🌺My Reflection 🌺

No matter what situation I am in today,

I will remember that only Love is Real.

I pray to be reminded that false appearance are powerless before the will of God, I pray that my inner eye be opened to the love within all things.

Divine Faith & Divine Love


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