Only Two Options…What will you Choose 😘

Daily Action Vs Daily Excuses

There are only two options: take action or make excuses, all else is Nonsense. 

Action is what helps you to make progress, while excuses keep you confined to where you are. Many people are so engrossed in excuse making that they don’t ever take action and see what they can accomplish and who they can truly become. Excuses are the nails used to build a life of mediocrity, excuses are what resign many to a mediocre life, the normal life, the cowards’ life of being a slave.

Action Vs Excuses

 Action is what Awakens your mind to what you are truly capable of achieving and becoming. Excuses are what keep your mind asleep to what you can achieve and become.
 Action is what makes you fearless. Excuses are what make you fearful and timid.
 Action instils within you the confidence that you have what it takes. Excuses are what make you doubt your ability.
 Action is the key to success. Excuses are the key to mediocrity.
 Action is what helps you believe in achieving the impossible. Excuses are what make you disbelieve in achieving the impossible.
 Action is what helps you make progress. Excuses are what stop you from making progress.
 Action is what rids your mind of the fears that the world has imposed upon you. Excuses are what strengthens the fears in your mind that the world has imposed upon you.
 Action is what reveals your true potential. Excuses are what hide your true potential from coming forth.
 Action is what unearths your gifts and talents. Excuses are what keep your gifts and talent buried within you.
 Action is what moves you forward in the direction of your goals. Excuses are what move you nowhere.
 Action is what turns your dreams into reality. Excuses are what turn your dreams into a distant memory.
 Action is what helps you to actualize into the one you know deep down that you can be. Excuses are what help you to actualize into a sheep of mediocrity.
 Action is what awakens the greatness within you. Excuses are what keep you plugged into the fake matrix life.
 Action is what breaks the false limits that may be imposed upon you so that you may live limitlessly. Excuses are what keep you within the limits so that you live a limited life.
 Action is what makes all the difference. Excuses make no difference.
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