Outpouring of Love ~ Happy Valentine πŸ₯°

Happily ever after….

The Ten of Cups represents the ultimate outcome of human relationships.

It is the outpouring of all the love that lies within your heart – a heart which can be as wide and deep as the ocean and the depths of which most of us are unaware.

As the Ace of Cups is the base of love, the Ten of Cups is the summit.

From the top of the mountain one can see all that has been achieved – and for this card that is all the love that has been planted and harvested throughout one’s life.

Therefore, when you turn up this card, one could say that ‘Your ten cups runneth over’!

Although the card refers mainly to love and relationships it can also represent joy and abundance in other areas – such as work, health or our spiritual life.

The card signals an end to trials and hardship, and the receiving of great blessings, gifts and a state of fulfilment.

It signals a time when all aspects of our life are in alignment with our values and beliefs, and in a positive position indicates that peace and fulfilment could be on the way.

LailaAhmed ~ Intuitive Tarot Trainer.


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