Do what you Love ๐Ÿ˜˜

๐ŸŒบ Do What You Love ๐ŸŒบ

Are you eager to express the “real you,” but donโ€™t know where or how to start?

Are you ready to love, but donโ€™t have anyone to commit to?

Are you willing to plunge into your soulโ€™s journey, but canโ€™t find the diving board?

Are you wondering where the spiritual pot of gold is?

Well, get ready to discover it!

Your Divine Energy is calling you to do what you love.

Everything going awry in your life is due to your drifting too far away from your heart, and itโ€™s time to get back on track.

Do things you enjoy and they will lead you back to your true heartโ€™s desire.

Ignore anyone who suggests that having fun is a waste of time.

It is rejuvenating to your spirit and necessary for correcting your path.

If you accept this invitation, youโ€™ll attract everything else that you seek as well.

Your Divine Invitation: If you love to sing, lift your voice for at least 10 minutes today.

If you enjoy cooking, prepare your favorite meal.

If you have a passion for painting, spend at least half an hour at the canvas before you go to sleep.

And if you love daydreaming, do that today for 10 minutes without restraint or guilt.

Build your life around your heart. Donโ€™t try to shove your heart into your overbooked, busy life.

What do you loveโ€”can you name it?

Start there and follow the clues, and youโ€™ll find your treasure along the way.

Intuitive Powers

The best way I have found to follow my true desires is to pay attention to my intuitive sense.

We all have great wisdom within us, a part of us that knows exactly what we need at every moment.

We are born with this intuitive sense, but most of us are quickly taught to distrust and ignore it.

We have to relearn something that should come naturally.

Fortunately, it’s not too difficult; it just takes some practice.

Divorce with Grace

Divorce With Grace


If you are experiencing divorce, look into your inner heart for guidance and surround yourself with loving friends.

Like the act of marriage that binds two people together, divorce is the result of a life-altering decision. It is the dissolving of a relationship that we believed would last our whole lives. We may not even be able to articulate how we got to this place, yet we may also feel we have no choice but to sever this tie. Whatever we feel, we need the support of the friends and family who will stand by us no matter what we decide. At some point, we may need to be challenged to look deeper inside ourselves as we make this very important decision, but what we need most of all is unconditional love and loyalty.

Divorce is a process that, once in motion, becomes difficult to stop, and this can be painful if we find ourselves having second thoughts. We may feel that we should do more to save the marriage, or we may wonder if there is something about ourselves that we could fix or change instead of going through with this painful separation. On the other hand, we may be seeing in hindsight that our marriage was truly only meant to last for a short time so that we could learn something we needed to know. Whatever the case, we need friends who will allow us to linger in confusion when we don’t have the answers and who will support us whether we find ways to reconcile and stay married or whether we walk away.

Of course, the most essential ally we have lives inside our hearts and speaks to us from within. We can trust this inner guide to help us choose people who will support us in kind and loving ways as we navigate the rough terrain of confusion and loss. Sometimes all we can do is look to the horizon, remembering that we will get through this time, and no matter what happens we will once again feel whole.

Birthday Blessings


On a soul level youโ€™re entering a major learning curve and it is time to change tracks and raise your consciousness to a higher level.

Avoid overthinking, and instead pray for your Divine Energy to guide you successfully onto your new path, leaving what no longer works behind. Your soulโ€™s path is changing because you are ready for this growth and freedom.

View all aggravating circumstances and roadblocks as an invitation to move in a new, more aligned direction with your authentic self. Stay connected to your Divine Energy rather than being distracted by drama. Notice what is no longer good for you and let it go.

Your Divine Energy is calling you to change direction. Pray for the strength to fully move upward and onward at this time.

Your Divine Invitation: Be wary of feeling like the victim of othersโ€™ negative behavior. It is simply time to change paths. Move up and onward and trust your divine nature to guide you. It will.

Divine Change


Raise Your Vibration ๐Ÿ˜

Answer by a Participant ๐Ÿ˜

I raise my vibration~

1. Whenever negative thoughts – instantly saying cut, cut, cut and visualise the positive of that negative thoughts which came

2. By regular doing 123 process taught by LailaAhmed

3. Giving alpha command to sleep and wake up in high vibration

4. White light meditation

5. Golden light activation word

6. Invoking angels whenever feel in the state of low energy

7. Now started in R5 practice recently.

Another one

1) I go out for walk or strall in Nature.

2) Sometimes go for massage

3) Window Shopping

4) Spend time with Friends

5) Social work

6) Play with Society kids

7) Clearing Clutter

8) Write my book

9) Write a Prayer

10) Write Redikal statement for 21 times etc etc etc……

Everything in the universe is made of energy.

What differentiates one form of energy from another is the speed at which it vibrates.

For example, light vibrates at a very high frequency, and something like a rock vibrates at a lower frequency but a frequency nonetheless.

Human beings also vibrate at different frequencies. Our thoughts and feelings can determine the frequency at which we vibrate, and our vibration goes out into the world and attracts to us energy moving at a similar frequency.

This is one of the ways that we create our own reality, which is why we can cause a positive shift in our lives by raising our vibration. 

We all know someone we think of as vibrant. Vibrant literally means “vibrating very rapidly.”

The people who strike us as vibrant are vibrating at a high frequency, and they can inspire us as we work to raise our vibration.

On the other hand, we all know people that are very negative or cynical. These people are vibrating at a lower frequency. They can also be an inspiration because they can show us where we don’t want to be vibrating and why.

To discover where you are in terms of vibrancy, consider where you fall on a scale between the most pessimistic person you know and the most vibrant.

This is not in order to pass judgment, but rather it is important to know where you are as you begin working to raise your frequency so that you can notice and appreciate your progress. 

There are many ways to raise your vibration, from working with affirmations to visualizing enlightened entities during meditation.

One of the most practical ways to raise your vibration is to consciously choose where you focus your attention. To understand how powerful this is, take five minutes to describe something you love unreservedly–a person, a movie, an experience.

When your five minutes are up, you will noticeably feel more positive and even lighter. If you want to keep raising your vibration, you might want to commit to spending five minutes every day focusing on the good in your life. As you do this, you will train yourself to be more awake and alive.

Over time, you will experience a permanent shift in your vibrancy.

Divine High Raise


Only Love is Real ๐Ÿ˜

This is an answer to my question to Divine….since few days only Money stuck therapies are coming and all have the belief that someone has blocked their inflow and here I get my answer from the book ‘Course in Miracle’



In the spiritual world only love is real, and nothing else exist.

While the appearance of the third dimensional world would deceive me into the false belief that there are powers more powerful than the will of God, infact only love is the kingdom, the power and the glory.

The world has trained me to believe in the illusions of Fear and Seperation, and to disbelieve in the truth that lies beyond them.

๐ŸŒบMy Reflection ๐ŸŒบ

No matter what situation I am in today,

I will remember that only Love is Real.

I pray to be reminded that false appearance are powerless before the will of God, I pray that my inner eye be opened to the love within all things.

Divine Faith & Divine Love


Time to Heal ๐Ÿ˜

Snake Spirit

โ€œTime to heal.โ€

All of us need healing at times, and when Snake Spirit appears, it is time to repair, renew, and replenish yourself and your vulnerable heart.

Self-care and maintenance work are needed so that your vitality can arise.

Give yourself the space to nourish your own well-being.

Vulnerability is necessary for friendships and partnerships to work, which means all of us will have tender emotions at times.

Be gentle with yourself and others now. Shed the past and step into a new way of being, for vitality is rising in you. 

This might be a good time to honor the work you have done to heal, grow, and repair any damage within you, within those you care about, and within your community.

Celebrate together how far all of you have come in your healing journey, and all that you have created!

Unburden yourself of anything that no longer supports wellness, prosperity, positive relationships, and well-being, and open the door for healing to occur.

Protection Message: No matter how much you may have lost, or how you have been disappointed, you are called by Snake Spirit to shed the past and practice radical self acceptance now.

Only by forgiving yourself can you move on, regardless of whether anyone else is ready for healing.

When your tender new skin first becomes exposed, you may feel uncomfortable; love yourself and remain vulnerable anyway. You have been weak, but now you are becoming strong and developing wisdom, and you will do better in the future.

Snake Spirit reminds you that hearts can be so easily wounded; apologies and amends go a long way.

Self-forgiveness for your role in what happened can help you heal. Remember, it is the one who has been wounded who often has the greatest power to help others heal.

Divine Heal


Eagle Totem


Eagle Spirit

โ€œSpirit has your back.โ€

Oracle Message: Think of the eagles flying high above the other birds, soaring on the wind.

Eagle Spirit has appeared to ask whether youโ€™re willing to soar to new heights,

even if that means solitude for a short while.

Truly, all the wisdom of the world is available to you.

When storms flash across the sky, it is Eagle Spirit that raises you above it all,

helping you conquer fear and overcome adversity, reminding you that Spirit has your back and wants you to experience life at its fullest.

At this moment, you are meant to know that you have the highest of wisdom and courage within, gifted to you by Spirit and all the angels.

Boldly build your nest in a lofty space and know that now you can fly effortlessly, proudly embodying Eagle Spirit in all her glory and grace, claiming what is truly yours in divine timing.

Protection Message: If you are walking awkwardly and feeling embarrassed, Eagle Spirit is here to tell you that is only because, right now, you are meant to fly.

Soar over the troubles that have you feeling scared and alone, see the big picture yet retain your eagle eye for the details that help you claim your wisdom and courage.

Or perhaps you are making yourself small for the sake of getting others to accept you?

Now is not the time to be vulnerable and dependent, for you have the wings to fly on your own and you need to do that at this time.

There is no need to huddle in a shelter or even to seek out a flock to support you, for Eagle Spirit says you have tremendous wisdom and courage within.

Let it arise so that you might soar proudly, with the angels serving as the wind beneath your wings.

From these heights, you can make the best and most powerful choices for the highest good of all.


Serve with Joy ๐Ÿ˜

One of the most valuable ways to focus on the beauty of service is to ask ourselves the question,

“Why do I serve?”

This immediately begins to filter out the motivations we have to serve others into selfless or selfish reasons.

If I serve because I am looking for something in return, whether that is appreciation, praise, return favors, or anything of the such, then it is going to be very difficult for me to do so wholeheartedly and with authentic joy.

Yet when I am able to open myself up to serve in ways that are more selfless–because it is necessary and good, or allows me to put my talents and gifts to good use, or because we want to share love and compassion and kindness with those whom we care about and know are deserving of our service.

When we allow ourselves to serve selflessly, we begin to do so with passion and purpose–not because we feel obligated to, but because we truly want to. 

Divine Service


You are never Alone

The Council has a message for you:

โ€œListen with your inner senses!โ€

The handwriting is already on the wall, so look about you and you will discern its meaning.

Do not wait for further signs; embark on the journey to love deeply, forgive sincerely, and dare greatly.

Take the leap without requiring life to assure you of success.

๐ŸŒบ You are never alone. ๐ŸŒบ

Turn to the Council to find the guidance you seek, and listen to the voice that arises spontaneously.

Turn a deaf ear to that nagging voice from your ego that tells you that you are not up for the task before you.

Create a spiritual feast for the Council; invite them to your altar every time you meditate or pray.

Divine Guidance