Pandemic Side Effect.

Recently I had an Intuitive Auto Writing session and participants were given assignment and here is one of the heart touching assignment which I wish to share with you.

What is the positive about this pandemic?
A pandemic undermines the faith in people. It scares them no end and they panic. This time however it wasn’t just this that happened. There were a lot of people who at first were skeptical and kept to themselves… Later opened up. They got out of their comfort zones and walked the extra mile to help those in need. All of a sudden people had so much te on their hands and nothing to do. They were idling away their time. Then it dawned to make the most of it. People were spending time with their family and had stopped running behind materialistic things. The words that they didn’t have time were no more valid.
Togetherness was back and that is the most important factor along with love and support.

What difference it created in me?
Procrastination is a disease I suffer from. There were so many things I was to do and kept putting them off with so many reasons. Majorly ” no time”. All of a sudden with so much time on hand and so much to do as well. I read, prayed and started writing. I am a simple person with an innate talent for Cooking. I love to maake and try my hands on new dishes. And I was in for a surprise when all of them were relished and appreciateed. I have more confidence in myself and have started taking a much needed stand. I also take a break when I need it most and put myself first.. yet not as much I need to improve

What lessons I learnt during this pandemic?
Reluctance to learn and spread my wings.. I was reluctant to train online .. however circumstances made me to try and today I am doing the same flawlessly. In adverse conditions I did as much as I could for as many as I could and know that I bam just a medium. The guidance to read a certain genre of books and to make good of the knowledge. Helping the teacher’s and staff of my daughter’s school was another way. Till date I used to wonder about mediums and mediumship.. now I am one.

Angels share any details of the pandemic if you want to share with me

The worst is over and this shall soon pass. It was the Lord’s way to instill the importance of togetherness and family life. What has come so shall it pass and soon the pandemic will only be a memory to talk about. Lessons learnt must be kept in mind and mistakes not repeated.. those who have passed on were meant to. Times are changing and they were not ready. Be happy and embrace what is coming.. as it is the most amazing and wonderful thing. Take stock of your actions and do your best



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