Patience ~ Divine Timing

Without Patience you can never understand the meaning of Divine Timing. 

Patience is so tricky sometimes.

 It is often difficult to surrender to how Life is transpiring when it’s uncomfortable. Divine Timing is a natural law.

 Life becomes easier when we wait and remember…for everything there is a season.

Having patience is difficult for most people. 

Sometimes I wonder if it is inertia, that we just get on a roll and find it hard to stop. 

I have had times when it did not seem possible for me to slow down, because it felt like there was so much to do. 

Life gets very stressful in those moments.
But how much time does it actually take to slow down enough to breathe a little deeper, stop for one minute to put my hands on my heart to feel that inner sense of coherence? 

If I can remember my alignment to Source energy, my whole being changes and I feel so much more connected and grounded. 

This one-minute process can change our consciousness and bring us back into the wisdom of the heart.
There is no way to encourage Divine Timing to move faster. 

Allowing yourself to have the patience to breathe more deeply and feel at home in yourself helps you to be more at peace with the situations in front of you and allow benevolent outcomes to unfold.
In those times when I try to push against the flow of Divine Timing, technology goes haywire and nothing works right. 

Sometimes I can’t move forward until I give myself the time to go for a walk so I can relax into feeling more spacious in Nature. 

This spaciousness allows me to move into an expanded perspective and provides a lovely experience of being supported and inspired by the beauty in the world.

 Being in Nature raises my vibrational frequency and allows me to feel happy and uplifted.

Divine Patience 


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