Peace Peace Peace Where are You 😘

Peace Peace Peace

You search and search and search…

What is it you are really searching for…?

The right job?

The right partner?

The right home?

The right family?

The right amount of money?

All of these and anything else you can think of are byproducts of the real thing that you are searching for… PEACE.

That is what all of our Spirits are searching for, because it is our natural state…

When you realize and accept that your only mission while you are here on this amazing journey is to BE PEACE and EXTEND PEACE, then and only then will you find it.

And it is then that you will begin to attract and manifest everything that creates more peace in your life.

It is incredibly valuable here to remember that as the Law of Reciprocity says: we only get what we give in this life.

What have you been giving?

Have you been giving peace to others and to the world?

First be still and find that still small point of peace within you. It is there…

There are many ways that you can give and extend that peace in the world.

Use your imagination or ask for opportunities to extend peace to show up for you.

Say YES if… you will BE PEACE & EXTEND only PEACE Today!

Divine Peace


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