Pentacle and Coin…

Knight of Coins / Pentacles.

Trees that don’t bend in the wind won’t last the storm

The Knight of Coins represents stubbornness and inflexibility.

He is like a dog with a bone in his teeth: once he’s got an idea about something, that’s it – he’s not letting it go.

Sometimes this sort of ‘dog’-gedness can be useful.

You know with someone like that all jobs will get done.

The problem is that you also know it’s not always going to be fun being around with this person!

This card can also speak of perfectionism, representing the part of our characters which is never satisfied with ourselves or others.

No matter what we do or how hard we try we can never measure up to how things should be, whatever that means.

This judgment of ourselves and others often hides a suppressed feeling that we aren’t ‘good enough.’

It is wise to look at this aspect of our natures and work on self-acceptance where possible – as not only is this personality not much fun to be around for others, it can also be a nightmare for ourselves!

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