Pink Light Meditation : Healing Relationship

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The ‘Pink Light’ technique is a powerful healing tool to be used daily.

This technique is ancient in origin and was developed by the Ishaya monks, who have dedicated their lives to helping people free themselves from mind-made limitations.

Over the millennia, it has been used to heal all pain and suffering between the user and the subject, ultimately healing relationships.

This technique has worked wonders in the lives of those who have been raped, molested, or abused. It has reconnected runaway children to their families within weeks. When used properly, with innocence and without conditions, it can be miraculous.

1. Get yourself into a comfortable, loving space. Close your eyes. Remember a time when you felt loved.
2. Imagine pink loving light radiating from your heart, covering you in its glow, completely surrounding you, as if you were in a pink sphere of love. Some people might have difficulty imagining the pink light, which is fine; the intent is the most important part.
3. Start with a loving memory of yourself; bring your image in front of you, outside of your pink light. In your mind’s eye, begin to cover your image with your pink light. Cover yourself completely, shining pink on every inch of you, and let it go.
4. Next, put up a loving memory or image of your immediate family. Cover each of them in your pink light them more on to the next person. If you have difficulty conjuring up a loving memory, try simple imaging, or maybe even have the person come into the room, standing at a distance and/or facing away from you. After, let them go.
5. Next, bring in anyone with whom you still have an emotional charge or discomfort with. Again, cover this person with your loving pink light, then let go.
6. Allow for anyone else to show up; cover them with your pink light and let go.

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