Raise your Frequency

10 simple Steps

Do these ten simple and easy techniques to help raise your vibration to a higher frequency and fix any kind of imbalance that’s keeping you stuck.

1) Do activities that bring you joy!

It could be writing, singing, drawing, cooking and even sports.

2) Express gratitude each day.

This is the Key for Growth and Expansion.

3) Prioritize a healthy diet, regular exercise, and quality rest.

We can function well with right Food, water, oxygen and rest.

4) Create a consistent routine of supportive spiritual practices.

Spend 20 mins for soul with meditation and prayers to harmonies your energy.

5) Listen to and read uplifting content

Create daily habit to spend 20 mins for your mind, read uplifting book and happy content can help you raise your frequency.

6) Set boundaries with those who drain you.

These you need to keep a check….your near and dear ones can also drain you at times with their repeated negative story that they keep playing in their mind and keep vomiting out to you and drain you. Keep such people at bay.

7) Meditate and ground yourself.

Grounding is extremely important. Spend time in Nature and walk bare foot on green grass for grounding.

8) Connect to your heart.

Most of the time we spend with our head and hardly we listen to our heart where our Intuition resides. Spend time listening to your heart.

9) Explore your creativity through art, writing, movement, or music.

We each have some hidden talents, we need to find that creativity and start enjoying life.

10) Spend time outdoors surrounded by nature.

This is very soothing and therapy in itself. When you are angry, just go out in Nature and just stroll….within few minutes you will begin to think peacefully.


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