Recharge Your Life 

Recently I went away from Mumbai to Recharge my Life.

What you could do to recharge your life.

Few suggestions.

Take time off every day. You should set aside time in your day where you can be away from your routine. 

Cut your communication with the outside world for a while. 

Use the time to get a sense of clarity of your life and work. 

Reconnect with your life purpose and look at the big picture of your life. 

Are you on the right track? 

Are you doing the right things? 

You can do this by meditating, praying, walking in the garden, or any way you like. 

The important thing is that you to reflect on your life with a clear mind. 

You don’t have to spend much time on it. 

Half an hour is enough, in my experience. 

Doing this helps you live your daily life with clarity.

Take a few days off every now and then. 

During that time, try not to do your routine that might introduce noise into your life. 

For me that means not connecting to the Internet. 

Though it’s not necessary, going out of town could be helpful. 

I can attest from personal experience that such time is really rewarding. 

I often see my life and work from a new perspective. 

I can see the forest rather than the trees. This, of course, will happen only if you spend time to reflect on your life and work.

It reminds me of the story of two woodcutters. One of them sawed down the trees all the time without ever sharpening his saw. 

The other person spent time to sharpen his saw and only then did he saw down the trees. Which one do you think would cut more trees at the end?

Don’t let the busyness of your life lead you to the wrong direction. 

Allocate time to reconnect with your purpose and calling. 

Allocate time to see the big picture of your life. Taking time off helps you stay sharp.

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