Relationship Affirmation

Relationship affirmations

All my relationships are long-lasting and loving
Being compassionate and considerate is one of my top priorities
Everyone acts with good intent I accept a perfect, loving relationship
I accept apologies with compassion and forgiveness
I act like the person I want to become
I always speak kindly of other people
I am a consistent, reliable friend that is always there when people need me
I am an honest and devoted partner
I am attractive and engaging
I am creating rewarding relationships every day
I am creating room in my life for my soul mate ( if single) 
I am enjoying a fabulous relationship with a person that adores and loves me
I am generous and giving of my time and resources
I am immensely happy to be in a relationship with my soul mate 

I am more in love every day

 I am ready to accept the perfect partner into my life

 I am sexier now than I have ever been 

I am supremely confident meeting new men/women 

I am worthy of love 

I attract positive people into my life

 I deserve the perfect partner and a beautiful relationship

 I easily remember names and faces 

I empower people and make them feel great about themselves

 I enjoy making love and being intimate 

I feel attractive and proud of myself

 I have a caring wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend 

I have an excellent relationship with my wife/husband/kids/boyfriend/girlfriend 

I have awesome friends that care about me 

I make friends easily because I can quickly find common ground 

I see the world and the people in it through eyes of love and acceptance 

It’s easy to meet interesting men/women who find me attractive 

It’s OK to have my own beliefs and I accept that others are entitled to have their beliefs 

My boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband/lover is the most attractive person in the world 

My friends love spending time with me 

My life is filled with passion and romance

My words and actions build stronger bonds with people I care about 

My work and home life are in perfect harmony 

People are interested in me because I am interesting 

The more I love myself, the more attractive I become to other people 

When people share their feelings, I am a compassionate and understanding listener 

Women/men find me very attractive
Divine Relationship

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