Today there were questions on relationships….


  • Doubting Husband / Wife
  • Children not talking
  • Siblings fight
  • Missing grand children

If you have any relationship issue or you know any of your friends need this please share complete article….

This is an older article which might help.

What I am about to share is a complete Channel message and technique…

Do what calls you to do….

All technique are tried and tested…

Technique 1

Take a small bottle of honey.
Take a small yellow chit, write let there be caring loving understanding relationship between ( all names ) till the end of Creation time.
Fold it write
65 62 792

Fold it again and write
Divine Together Love Be Now

And take the name of God you follow and put it in the honey bottle and hide the honey bottle where you can’t see everyday to avoid anxiety….

Technique 2

If there are fights in the family, take  a chit write
65 62 792
Everyone’s name fold it and take a small container place the chit, fill the container with water add drop of rose water and freeze it….

Technique 3

Take the tarot card of family and meditate with it for Divine Togetherness.

Technique 4

When you meditate, expand your Aura with pink love energy and visualize your entire family in it and chant

Divine Love

Technique 5

Visualize your family and do hoponopo

A technique detail in my Intuitive Training group…

Its simple, just repeat the four words over and over again.

Thank you
I am sorry
Please forgive me
I Love you

Technique 6

Picked up from a friend yet to explore

Magical Water bubbles
Let relax ur body. .
now imagine  there are water bubbles falling on u which filled with pink (colour of love). now u become completely pink body….feel love for everything. …be there as long u can..
after completion. .visualise what u love to do…what u  love to happen. ..feel enormous love and let it go…
Love makes everything magical…
With love and light♥♥
Vivek Ranjan (I am Magical)

Technique 7

God created the world in seven days and there are seven heaven in theta so here we go…

Download Love, peace and harmony song of Master Sha through out the day with the intend

Let Love prevail in our heart mind and soul and overflow in our family and universe at large.

Ever lasting Love.

Thank you for reading. And soon share your miracles.

If you feel it’s worth spreading please do so with complete message.

Light and Fragrance

Laila Ahmed

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