Responsibility or Ability to Respond.

Carrying the weight of the world

The Ten of Wands relates to the burden of responsibility.

There are times when we think we should be doing more, that we are not achieving enough.

But these thoughts often come from feelings of guilt or failure, not from self-love.

Doing things for the ‘wrong’ reasons can result in us leading inauthentic lives, trying to prove we are ‘good’ people.

It then becomes difficult for us to be replenished and we spiral further downwards till we burn out.

The card also speaks of the ways in which we allow others to subtly ‘dump’ their baggage on us – and in particular their emotional problems.

These patterns of relating to others can become so ingrained in our psyches that much of the time we stop differentiating between others’ baggage and our own.

It is important when we are feeling weighed down by responsibilities to remember why we are carrying these burdens in the first place.

The most challenging aspects of our lives are also usually the most rewarding and bring with them the greatest gifts.

Each responsibility we take on – as long as they are our own and not others’ – holds an opportunity for greater ennoblement and strength of character.

The choices we make and responsibilities we take on can define us as high and noble beings on a journey to greater and deeper levels of humanity.


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