Self Respect.

“Self-respect should be a natural state for you, just as it is for all of the animal kingdom. There’s no raccoon out there that believes itself unworthy of what it intends to have!”

(Dr. Wayne Dyer – The Invisible Force)

I spent most of my life having no self-respect. I used to blame it on all the abusive people who were in my life because I saw myself as the victim but the truth is, I didn’t respect myself and that was why I attracted those kinds of people into my life. They were acting as a mirror to me, I just didn’t see it at the time but I sure do now!

Questions to Ask Yourself:

Do you respect yourself? What about the people in your life…do they treat you with respect? If not, then neither do you. What if you were to spend the day thinking about yourself differently? Here’s a daily mantra you can use and feel free to add to it things that are relevant to you.

**I am worthy of love

**I am worthy of kindness

**I am worthy of respect

**I CAN give myself all of these things

**I am a Beautiful Being of Divine love and light

**I AM………..


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