Serve with Joy 😍

One of the most valuable ways to focus on the beauty of service is to ask ourselves the question,

“Why do I serve?”

This immediately begins to filter out the motivations we have to serve others into selfless or selfish reasons.

If I serve because I am looking for something in return, whether that is appreciation, praise, return favors, or anything of the such, then it is going to be very difficult for me to do so wholeheartedly and with authentic joy.

Yet when I am able to open myself up to serve in ways that are more selfless–because it is necessary and good, or allows me to put my talents and gifts to good use, or because we want to share love and compassion and kindness with those whom we care about and know are deserving of our service.

When we allow ourselves to serve selflessly, we begin to do so with passion and purpose–not because we feel obligated to, but because we truly want to. 

Divine Service


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