Shine your Light



When you shine your light into the world, you will attract various people and experiences that match or challenge your commitment to being empowered. Right now, you are receiving information to know which choice to make, which opportunity to take, and which person to trust.

The Aboriginal Australian sun goddess Yhi illuminates your path with her rays and brings clarity as she shows you what you need to know.

A bright light also attracts a lot of bugs, so know that you may also attract those who see themselves smaller as a result of your empowerment.

This is conditioning that needs to be healed in many people in the world.

All you can do is be incandescent and joyful, kind and truthful, and the world will begin to reflect that goodness back to you. The goddess Yhi is happy to help you shine.


Sometimes the light shines too bright and too hot for you to achieve your aims.

Although the sun is bright, getting too close to its fire will risk everything burning to the ground.

Do you really want to know all that is hidden from you now?

Are you ready to face the harsh light of illumination that rips open your old ideas and shows you what else is possible?

Your alignment task is to be bold and brave. Don’t shrink away; know that this is all part of the process of evolution that calls forth the bright sunlight to show you the shadows so you cannot escape your own denial.

Allow the truth to burn through your defenses. Then you will be set free. When the sun goddess Yhi comes with her bright light, it is a day of reckoning that will lead only to miracles.

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