Simply Be

One of the most important things we can ever learn in this lifetime is how to allow all life to simply “be.”

We have a hard time with this concept however because we have been taught that life needs to be controlled…it’s not allowed to just “be.”

That very thinking is what ceases the natural flow of life because when we try to control anything, it causes resistance and ultimately makes whatever we are trying to do much, much harder.

🌺 Today’s Tip 🌺

Just be the “observer” today and allow everyone and everything around you to just “be” the way they are.

Don’t try to control anything, just let it play out.

There is no judgement, just observation.

When you let go of judgement of others, you can also let go of judgement of yourself.

When you let go of judgement, you are in a state of allowance and ultimate peace within.

Divine Peace


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