Speak up


Is there a divide between how you show yourself to the world and who you really are? In what areas are you hiding your true self? 

Your soul is turning up the inner pressure to stop hiding and honestly reveal yourself and how you genuinely feel. 

Your Divine Energy is calling you to be authentic in your communication, as this will open you to true intimacy. Do not believe you are convincing anyone with false appearances. In the same vein, do not trust the false appearances of others.

Your Divine Invitation: Express your emotions rather than “stuffing” them with intellectual control. Recognize the difference between new feelings that provide valuable insight and information for creating direct and open communication, and old, defensive patterns that cut off communication. Stop the battle between your head and heart, and allow your ego to step aside. Let your heart speak. Trust that positive relationships with others are beckoning you to open up. The more real you are, the more real others will be with you. Share your feelings openly and kindly, and don’t edit or water down your truth in any way. Others want to know. This will build bridges in important ways.

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