Storm or Calm

We often times pray to God to rescue us or to help us avoid the storms in our lives. Sometimes he does “calm the storm.” Other times, he does much more… he calms us. 

At this very moment, 

?God is available to us. ?
And when we ask Him to calm the storms in our life, we should never expect that he will deliver us from the difficulties and hardships we are faced with.

 Rather, we should pray for His calming love to be upon us; we should ask for His help facing the trials before us, and pray that we might find acceptance, growth, and understanding. 

Without facing the difficulties in our lives, we would fail to learn the lessons that can only be taught through overcoming adversity. That’s his Brilliance.
God is here for us whenever we need Him, but we must realize and accept that what we ask of Him is not exactly what we are to expect. 

We seldom know the big picture or the potential outcome, and He knows best what we need. 

Today ~  Pray for calmness to handle the difficulties you will face today. 
Divine Calmness 


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