Surround Yourself

Surround yourself with people who inspire you,

people who are optimistic,

people who make you laugh

people who show compassion

people who have a good outlook on life

people who see the best in others

people who motivate you

people who bring out the best in you

people who really care

people who who listen well

people who are authentic

people who have integrity

people who have good ethics

it is too easy to be caught up in




the drama,


selfish, arrogant


who is right or wrong,

who is better than someone else,

telling people what they should or should not do,

holding on to grudges,

promote dependency

or being a victim,

Take a moment to think about the conversations that take place with your friends and family, or even your workplace

Honestly and truthfully take a closer look………..

What are the main topics of conversation with that person?

What do you talk about ?

How do you talk about other people ?

Who do you talk about ?

Are conversations complimentary, motivating, fun, educational?

Do you ENJOY your conversations ?

How do you feel after your conversations, do you feel energized or drained, ?

Life is for Living, Loving, Laughing, Learning.

If you choose to

Make a list of all your friends and family

List some of their great characteristics and traits

What do you love about them ?

What wonderful qualities do they have ?

How are they influencing you ?.

How do they inspire you?

How do they motivate you ?

What are they showing you about life ?

Surround yourself with inspiring people

that bring out the best in you.

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