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Have we failed in bringing up our modern kids?

Have we failed in bringing up our ‘modern’ kids?


(By Narayana Murthy: INFOSYS)

A very distressed neighbour shared that he had driven home after a long day at work. As he entered, he saw his wife in bed with fever. She had laid out his dinner on a tray.

Everything was there just as he wanted it. The dal, vegetables, salad, green chutney, papad and pickles… “How caring,” he thought, “Even when she is unwell, she finds the strength to do everything for me.”

As he sat down to eat, he realised that something was missing. He looked up at his grown up daughter who was watching TV and said, “Beta (child), can you get me my medicine and a glass of water, please?”

She rolled up her eyeballs to show her displeasure at being disturbed, but did the favour nevertheless.

A minute later he realised that salt was missing in the dal.

He said, “Sorry beta, can you please get me some salt?”

She said, “Ufff!” and got the salt but her stomping shoes made it clear that she did not appreciate the disruption.

A few minutes later he said, “Beta …”

She banged the TV remote on the table and said, “What is it now Dad? How many times will you make me get up? I too am tired; I had a long day at work!”

The man said, “I’m so sorry beta…”

Silence prevailed.

The man got up and placed the dishes in the kitchen sink and quietly wiped the tear escaping his eye.

My heart wept… I often wonder; “Why is it that the youngsters of the so called modern world behave like this? Have we given them too much freedom to express? Have we failed to discipline and give them the right values?”.

“Is it right to treat children as friends?” Think of it this way, they have lots of friends. But they have only one set of parents. If they don’t do ‘parenting’, who will?

Today the “self-esteem’” of even a new born or an infant is being talked about; but what about the self-esteem of the parents? Are they supposed to just fan the egos of their children, while the children don’t care two hoots about theirs?

Often parents say, “Aajkal ke bachhe sunte kahaan hain (Where will you find obedient children in these times)?” Why?

The other day, we were at a dinner party. All the seats were occupied except for one bean bag. One of our fifty-something friends told his teenaged daughter to move to the bean bag, so that he could sit on the high back chair she occupied.

She said, “Why can’t you sit on the bean bag?”

I was zapped; we all knew that the father had a back ailment, and even otherwise… Well!

Later as everyone was taking leave of the host, the same guy realised that he had left his car keys inside. He asked his daughter to go and get them.

“Why can’t you go and get them yourself? I am not your maid!”

I looked away in disgust and disbelief. The poor guy had no option but to make light of the situation saying, “Ya, Ya, but Daddy is your eternal servant my princess!”

He went inside to fetch the car keys. This is what our social behaviour has become! Why?

If we need to teach children about self-respect, self-esteem and self-confidence, we also need to tell them…that howsoever big and rich and famous they may be, their parents shall always be their parents… children can never be their equals, let alone be their bosses!

Remember to Pay-

RENT – Respect, Empathy, Niceness, and Time!

I ALWAYS ADVISE PARENTS TO BE PARENTS AND NOT FRIENDS. Your kids can have n number of friends but have only ONE set of parents.

So don’t be afraid to set rules and make the children obey them.

By:- Narayan Murty


How you Wished to be Remembered?

Do you think Everybody loves you?

Generally we have to impress so many people if want to be loved and the more you impress you become a person pleaser but not someone who is loved by all.

Today Let’s talk about someone who has imprint herself in the mind of so many people.

Florence Nightingale story used to appear as school curriculum during my school time and it’s create lasting impression on my mind.

Famous for her work in military hospitals and contribution to nursing
Born – 12th May 1820, Florence, Italy
Parents – William Edward Nightingale, Frances Smith

Died – 13th August 1910

Florence Nightingale was born on 12th May 1820. Her parents were touring Europe and named her after the city she was born in.

The family returned to England and in 1837 Florence heard the voice of God calling her to do work.

During the early 1840s Florence developed an interest in nursing but her parents felt it was not a job for a young woman of her standing and refused to allow her to train as a nurse.

Not to be put off, Florence began to teach herself about hospitals and in 1851 her parents gave in and allowed her to train as a sick nurse at Kaiserswerth hospital in Germany.

After completing her training, Florence returned to England and gained a position as Superintendent of the Hospital for Invalid Gentlewomen.

In 1854 the Crimean war broke out. War correspondents reported on all details of the war including the terrible medical facilities.

Florence Nightingale was asked to put together a team of nurses to go out to the Crimea to nurse British soldiers.

She arrived at the military hospital in Scutari towards the end of 1845.

🌺She immediately began cleaning the wards and improving conditions for the patients. As a result of her efforts the death rate fell significantly.🌺

Whats not mention on the net is, She used to walk around at night with a pot of water and a lamp so that if any soldiers felt thirsty she could help and due to her selfless dedication soldiers used to kiss her shadow out of deep Love and Respect for her.🌺

Divine Love 🌺