The Search for Deeper meaning.

In today’s time we all need to search for Deeper meaning in our life.

Eight of Cups

The search for deeper meaning

The Eight of Cups represents spiritual journeys – or the ‘Road Less Traveled’ as the poet Robert Frost called it.

We may all experience many such journeys on large or small scales in our lives, yet not all of us equate them with spirituality or religious experience.

Ultimately these journeys are taking us to greater heights and depths on the way towards our destinies.

The card often appears when we need more fulfillment in our lives, or perhaps when things feel meaningless.

It is thus a call to go deeper into ourselves and find the beauty and truth that lies within.

These journeys can sometimes be compared to small ‘deaths,’ as they may involve giving up something which we no longer need, in order to gain something better for ourselves.

As a result we may temporarily experience similar feelings to those of the dying: denial and isolation, resistance and depression for instance.

However, this difficult journey eventually leads to acceptance and hope, when we realize there are far greater things in store for us.

Divine Journey


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